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The World Health Organisation has announced that Covid-19 is a Pandemic

Spreading Covid-19

Covid-19 can survive and still be detected on stainless steel and plastic surfaces for up to 72 hours. People who have COVID-19 and may not realise it if they don't have symptoms at that time, or if their symptoms are mild, can still leave traces of the virus behind.

Decontamination and

At DCB cleaning we offer an antimicrobial mist applied using our enviro fogger and/or mist spray via our qualified Covid-19 technicians to hot-spot hand traffic surfaces. Our hospital grade sanitiser is proven to kill Covid-19, Ebola, Hep-C and other infectious diseases and pathogens.

Why DCB Cleaning?

DCB has already been contracted for sanitisation at local retirement villages, offices, religous venues and other community based establishments. Our fully certified staff take great pride in being part of DCB’s frontline response to Covid-19. We are available for free quotes so please contact us if you would like to know more.


DCB's extensive decontamination process involves using an antimicrobial mist that is proven to kill Covid-19, Ebola, Hep-C and other infectious pathogens. Our qualified Covid-19 technicians integrate the use of our enviro fogging equipment and/or mist spraying techniques to ensure there is efficient distribution of spray throughout common areas, work spaces and any enclosed rooms. We then meticulously identify hand traffic areas and areas prone to collecting bacteria and viral diseases to ensure we eliminate the spread of Covid-19.

This decontamination process is safe for food prep areas.

When only the best will do, call on our experienced team who work to the high standards set by award winning property managers. To get your bond back, call DCB cleaning!

For that fresh sanitized feel call DCB to steam clean your carpets. We also specialise in stain removal and upholstery cleaning.

We do the full clean - tracks, frames, sills, screens and glass inside and out.

Working to the high standards set by restoration and insurance companies. We specialise in structural drying and carpet drying.


"Allowing DCB to sanitise and clean the common areas and office buildings has meant me and my staff can come to work and feel safe from contagious viruses."

"Knowing that DCB does regular decontimation cleans of the restaurant means I have peace of mind that we will make it through this pandemic."

"I was really happy with their service. DCB cleaning decontaminated the store from top to bottom and made it safe for me to continue running my business even with the Covid-19 pandemic."

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Ph. 0418 713 767  
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